Winterville Community Garden

Winterville is proud to now host its very own city-sponsored community garden near Pittard Park - 2018 is our fifth year and we hope you will come going in for the fun!

Winterville Community Garden vision:

The Winterville Community Garden is a place for sharing gardening knowledge in a collaborative environment; promoting self-sufficiency; providing healthy and productive activities for members of our community; promoting a chemical-free and sustainable source of food and beauty; and fostering a sense of community in Winterville. 

What is a community garden?

A community garden is a piece of land gardened by a group of people for the production of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Why join a community garden?

  • Space to grow food
  • Experience the fresh air
  • Get some exercise
  • An opportunity to connect with your neighbors
  • Time with nature
  • Peace & relaxation
  • Share and improve your gardening skills
  • Save money by growing your own food
  • Enjoy pesticide-free food

How do I join the Winterville Community Garden?

For a modest fee, you can own a raised garden bed measuring 8 x 4 feet, shade-free and a food deep in fertile compost and soil mix. Each bed is ready to plant, comes with its own drip irrigation system, and is watered on an automatic timer. All you need to do is choose your favorite seeds, do the tending, and enjoy your harvest.

Please print the Community Garden Registration Form 2018 (.docx) or pick up a copy at City Hall and return the form with your payment. Please read the Community Garden Rules & Guidelines (.docx) as well.
This Garden Planting Schedule (pdf) may be helpful to you.

How much does it cost to join?

2018 Rentals: Payment for your plot is due by March 1st, and this will cover one whole year until the end of February 2019.  The rental fee is $40 for one year.

Please fill out the form and take it, together with your payment, to City Hall.  There will also be forms available at City Hall.  There are a few boxes vacant at the moment, and after March 1st, those, and any that have not been rented will be available to new gardeners.  So encourage your friends and neighbors to join us!

The “Rules and Regulations” is a separate document for you to keep for reference.

For more information:



Garden Updates...


Dear gardeners,

Remember we'll be doing all-at-once registration at a group meeting on Monday, February 18, at 6:00 at the Depot.  The garden committee will provide meat and vegetarian lasagna, bread, water, and plates & utensils, using rental fees to pay.  While we're asking folks to bring side dishes, if you don't have time to bring something, please just bring yourself and your payment.  We'll provide registration/agreement forms.
NEW THIS YEAR:  Garden membership will not be automatic on receiving payment.  Participants must attend this registration meeting OR meet with a steering committee member(s) to review garden rules and sign your agreement.  If you register and pay at City Hall, you will not officially have your box and your check will not be deposited until you've done the review--so we encourage you to come to the meeting so we can all be on the same page.
Due to cold temperatures, we will not have a garden work session this coming Saturday.
Looking forward to seeing y'all on 2/18!
Brenda Keen
WCG committee chair 
11-10-18 - 
Hi Gardeners!
Because the last Saturday of this month is the one right after Thanksgiving, we are not going to have a group work session that day.  It's likely that many folks will be busy with family and possibly traveling, and the past couple of dates already had disappointing turnout.  The committee will meet on Nov. 19 and discuss whether to have one in December, so stay tuned.
Remember the irrigation is off for the winter, but if you haven't already, you should still examine your tubing for any damage so it can be repaired before spring.  Report any problems or concerns to this email address.
With thanksgiving,
WCG committee chair
11-8-18 -
Good Afternoon WCG Gardeners -
After all this rain we are expecting some freezing nights, so the irrigation system, including the spigots, has been turned off, and will stay off until after winter - late March, early April.
The spigot by Tom's workshop stays on, so there is water available if you need it, but you will have to carry it!
Enjoy your fall/winter gardening - lots of different veggies, very few pests, cooler temperatures, and not much maintenance.  What more could you want?!  
Happy gardening!
Dear community,
This Saturday the 27th will be our monthly work morning.  If it's chilly, we'll start at 9; if it's hot, earlier is better!  Remember if you have any questions about harvesting or fall planting, it's a great opportunity to learn from our veteran gardeners.  No official potluck, but feel free to bring nibbles if you'd like.
WCG committee chair
10-19-18 - 
Dear gardeners,
The dry summer has led some critters to chew holes in irrigation lines, so we  need members to check boxes for irrigation damage or needs like another ant treatment.  If you find damage to your drip lines, please turn off the water at your box. It will be repaired as soon as our irrigation volunteer can get to it, and he'll turn the water back on once it's fixed.  Send an email to this address to report any problems.  
Right now, several beds really need weeding, and paths have been obstructed by top-heavy okra plants that haven't been harvested.  One committee member has cleared paths of objects before weed-eating (anything moved was put behind the tool shed), but that is the responsibility of box holders.  
In other critter news, a squirrel was caught red-handed stealing a kale leaf.  If you're having similar problems, sprinkling on some cayenne pepper will discourage nibbling.
Thanks, and happy gardening!
WCG committee chair
10-8-18 -
Good Morning Gardeners!  Two weeks today -  Winterville Tree Talk - "Potluck and Presentation - Making Your Woodlands Beautiful and Safe".  We will have a panel of experts who will present information on invasive plants in your woodlands, how to remove them, what to put in their place, and how to make your trees safe.  Come meet our City Arborist, Roger Cauthen, and the Tree Commission.
Hope to see you there!   Come with your questions and some food!
Good Afternoon WCG Gardeners -  There have been several leaks in garden box hoses recently.  Bob has fixed the ones that we were told about.  If you find you have a leaking hose - and they have all been in the half-inch hoses so far - please turn off the water and let us know at this email address - don't forget to give us your box number!  I check email every day, but we're not at the gardens every day.
We could see rodent toothmarks, so they're desperate for water.  We put out a dish of water by the faucet.  Maybe that will help?!  And it looks as though we'll get more rain soon.
You are welcome to put extra dishes in your own garden, and keep them filled by placing them under your irrigation tubing.  It might take care of the problem.
Gardens look great!
(for the WCG Committee)
9-19-18 -
Good evening, WCG Gardeners - A couple of dates for your calendars.
Saturday, September 29, is our next workday.  We hope many of you will come to this one - there's lots to do!  A discussion point will be the possibility of a new gazebo in the center of the gardens to provide us with some much needed shade.  If you would like to have input on this, please be there!  We'll plan on starting at 8:00 a.m., but if the temperatures drop significantly (wouldn't that be great!) we'll make a later start.  We'll send out a reminder and time update closer to the 29th.  Please bring your own water (or other beverage to keep you hydrated), and breakfast snack items to share would be welcome!
Monday, October 22, 6-8 pm, at the Winterville Depot   The Winterville Tree Commission will present its first "Winterville Tree Talk" - a potluck and presentation "Keeping Your Woodlands Safe and Beautiful".  We will have a panel of experts available for short presentations and a Q&A session - covering topics such as  removal of invasive plants, what to plant in their place, maintenance of the trees you already have, native plants that will enhance your woodlands and attract butterflies, bees. and other pollinators, and resources that are available to you to help you with this.  Our City Arborist, Roger Cauthen, will be there, and Tom Doonan, our City Works Director, will be there to tell you about our Commemorative Tree Program.  It will be a fun, informative, evening.  Please plan on joining us!  Potluck items will be welcome.  I have attached the flyer.
The gardens are looking great - despite this very weird summer weather we have had, and it looks as though the Four Seasons Lawn Maintenance guys really know how to do the job we hired them for!
Hope to see you soon at the gardens, and definitely on the 29th!
(for WCG Committee)
Dear gardeners,
Just a reminder that this Saturday, August 25, beginning at 8:00 a.m. (okay to come later!) and ending at 10:00 (earlier if the heat is brutal) is our monthly community gathering.  We'll provide iced tea and mini muffins.  We'll be transplanting some of the perennials in the Pollinator Garden so that we can clear the end by the dumpster in preparation for planting blueberries and putting in an access path for the raspberries.
In addition to enjoying great company, this is a good opportunity to discuss any concerns with committee members.  We're discussing things like building (or buying) a gazebo for shade, future food bank planning, and more--so if you have ideas about those or other topics, we'd love to hear them!
committee chair
8/10/18 - 
Good Evening WCG gardeners
For those of you who cannot make it to Holly's coffee chat tomorrow, we have attached three handouts (links below) that you might find useful.  
Looking forward to seeing all of you who signed up!
Averil (for Holly)
Dear garden members,
First, a request:  pathways in the garden have become difficult for navigation and weed-eating, so please go ahead and tuck any trailing plants back into the box or trim the excess.
Second, we're going to do registration for next season during a garden-wide meeting.  Please mark your calendars now so you can attend on Monday, February 18, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.
  More details will come before then, but we'll share a meal and garden tales--so if you've learned something this year that could help others, bring it to share!  We'll have registration forms on hand so people can sign up without having to make a trip to city hall.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the garden, feel free to get in touch via this email address or by contacting one of the committee members.
WCG committee chair


Good Morning WCG Gardeners –

It’s time to think about the next gardening season already – even though it seems way too hot!

Please join fellow gardeners for Holly’s third garden class coffee chat next Saturday, August 11th, 9-10am.
The topic will be Fall Gardening
.  During this session, we will discuss prepping, planting, and protecting your garden beds for a successful fall garden. 

Meet at the garden.  Coffee and handouts will be provided.

RSVP only. Please respond to by Thursday, Aug. 9th if you plan to attend.

We hope to see you there!



Dear gardeners,
An intense wind passed through Winterville a couple of days ago, and quite a few plants got toppled.  If you haven't checked your box(es), you may need to.  We've made some progress with getting the permanent stakes mounted, but not all beds are done yet.  Wire also isn't up.  Once that'd done, it will be easier to anchor tomato cages and such to keep them upright.
The rain has also acted like growth hormones, so in addition to checking weeds, you may need to harvest!  Okra in particular needs it almost daily.  It is a sad sight to see produce going to waste, especially as it can be donated to the local emergency food bank each Monday (harvest no earlier than Sunday and put in the donation box under the chalkboard).
Remember, if you're going out of town, let us know and we can help keep things in hand.
committee chair



Good Morning to all our new gardeners!  (And everyone else!)

I have been remiss in making sure that you are settled into the gardens, and have found everything that you need.  I apologize!  
We are now fully rented, and I hope to meet all new gardeners at the next workday - June 30th.  In previous years new gardeners have had a tour of the gardens to make sure they know what is available to them, and how we work together.  So please join us!  We have eleven members on the garden committee, so chances are you have met at least one of us already!  I hope so.
And, of course, we hope to see all our gardeners on June 30th!  Let's get ready for the long summer!
Averil (WCG Rentals and Membership)

6/20/18 -

Dear gardeners,
The committee is making arrangements for biweekly weed-eating in the garden, so please keep plants from spilling over the edges of your boxes to avoid damage.  
Several boxes have become overrun by weeds.  If they are still not in compliance with garden rules by the 6/30 work session, they will be considered to have been abandoned and will revert to control by the committee with no refund of the rental fee.  This provision is in the agreement signed by all garden members.  If anyone has a legitimate reason (for example, illness, travel, etc.) for not complying, please let the committee know if you need help.
A reminder--gardeners also agree to garden organically, which means no herbicides like Roundup and no chemical insecticides or fertilizers.  If you're unsure whether something is okay, or if you're having a problem that you're not sure how to address organically, please reach out to the committee for advice.
The next community work session is Saturday, June 30.  We will begin at 8:00 and not do a potluck, so we can get done before the heat sets in.  We'll start installing some stakes/frames that can be a permanent part of the boxes for shoring up tomatoes, beans, etc., and work on Food Bank beds and the Pollinator Garden.  As noted earlier, boxes will also be inspected for compliance with weeding standards, as weeds that go to seed can infect the whole garden.
The Community Garden Committee


Hi folks,
Some of the Food Bank boxes have been planted too closely, so some of us are going to meet at the garden early tomorrow (Monday, 6/11) to transplant some of the seedlings and put cages around tomatoes.  I know most folks will likely be at work, but I thought I'd put this out in case anyone is free and would like to join us.  I'm planning to be there no later than 8:30 (hopefully earlier), because it will be hot by 10.
Wishing all a great week,
committee chair


First, thanks to everyone who worked on Saturday morning!  Most importantly, some of the garden beds looked like they have been abandoned due to the presence of weeds going to seed and squash bug eggs on plants..  The agreement that everyone signs before checks are deposited states that gardeners must keep up their boxes or forfeit the bed and the rental fee.
Please remember if there's some reason you're having difficulty with your box--perhaps due to illness or travel--there are those who are willing to help if you let folks know you need it.  Rampant weeds and pests don't affect just the box they start in--they affect the whole garden.
Wishing all a great holiday weekend,
Garden Committee chair

5/21/-18 -

Greetings gardeners!
A citizen of Winterville generously donated some flats of marigolds if you'd like to take some plants for your beds or plant some in the pollinator garden.  Facing the shed, they are to its left.
Our next work session is this coming Saturday, the 26th.  Coffee will arrive at 8:30.  We're not doing a full-blown potluck, but if anyone wants to bring easy-to-eat nibbles, of course that's fine.  We will be clearing out two of the food bank beds, as the greens had gotten attacked by beetles or something.  We'll also be weeding the Pollinator Garden and planting any remaining marigolds.
No one is expected to attend every work session, but everyone agreed to help on the common areas over the course of the year--so come join us if you'd like or help in your own way on your own timeframe.
Thanks, and I hope to see you soon!
Garden Committee chair


Good Evening Gardeners - We hope you will all have noticed that there are far fewer fire ants in the Community Garden than there were a month ago.  We used a two-step organic method: the first step was to apply Spinosad fire ant bait to every box (you may have seen the little piles of granular material in the corners of your box).  Spinosad bait is an organic preparation that is safe for vegetable gardens, and the particular bait we used was Ferti-Lome “Come and Get It” which is stocked locally by Cofers.  Two applications of the bait eliminated fire ants from most of the boxes.  The remaining nests were drenched with 4-gal water or 1-gal of a solution of either d-limonene or Desecticide (both of which are organic materials safe for vegetable gardens).  The water treatment (drowning) was as effective (and much cheaper) than either of the chemicals, so we shall continue using it for any further nests that appear.

So now we are asking for your help.  If you see fire ants in your box, and particularly if you see evidence of a nest, please take a yellow flag from the notice board shelf and place it as close as possible to the ant nest as you can without getting bitten.  We’ll do a weekly check and drench any nests that are flagged.

We are going to do our best to avoid a repeat of the fire ant problem we had in the spring.  I think we have made a good start.


WCG Committee


Good Morning, WCG gardeners!   Come on out on Saturday to the Winterville Festival, and join us in the Parade!

 Parade line-up takes place at the old Winterville School/RESA/Community Center area on Winter Street/N. Church Street.  For GPS purposes, the address of the Community Center is 371 N. Church Street.  The Baptist Church parking lot is open for anyone to park - it's big, but there will be a lot of vehicles, so be prepared for that.  
If you plan on joining us - and we hope that you will - you MUST be there in line with us by 9:30 a.m., and earlier would be better.  We'll be easy to find - look for the wheelbarrow and garden hats!
Please join us - the Parade starts at 10:00 and will take about one hour.  
Let’s make this a fun occasion, and show everyone our garden spirit!!

Thanks!  Hope to see you there!
Averil (for the WCG Committee)


Good Afternoon WCG Gardeners - 

The Spinosad fire ant baiting operation seems to have had an effect in many boxes, but there are still many with very active mounds.  The next step is to use an organic drench to kill the remaining nests.
As a start, we have selected ten boxes with particularly active and accessible nests, and we have marked them with yellow flags.  The marked boxes will  be used to test the drenching procedure.
The drenching operation on the first ten boxes will start on Monday.  It does not require any action by box renters and will not harm plants or beneficial insects.
If you want further information, or if you do not want your box to be included in the fire ant eradication program, please  email us at


Good Evening WCG Gardeners -

Just a few items:
Saturday's Garden Coffee Chat: Starts at 9:30 a.m., at the gardens.  We have a couple of benches but you are welcome to bring your own chair.  We will have coffee for everyone who RSVPs, and if you would like to bring food items to share, that would be lovely, but not obligatory!
Topics:  Summer Gardening:  "Pest and disease control in your vegetable garden" (Averil) and "Harvesting and storing your vegetables" (Holly).  We'd love to see you there - but please RSVP if you haven't already done so.
Marigold Parade:  Our application is in, and we're going to have fun!  If you would like to join us, we would love to have you - and your children, grandchildren and friends!  Just be sure to let us know so that you receive all the information you will need.  The parade starts at 10:00 am, but we need to be set to go by 9:30 at the latest, so we'll probably get together around 9 am.  More info to follow.
Irrigation:  Bob has now set the watering system to run twice every day.  He has checked all the boxes and replaced the tubing in a couple that seemed to be very try and probably had clogged tubing.
Fire ants:  Today we applied a second dose of bait.  It's working, but rather slowly - and, of course, now it's so warm the fire ants are coming to the surface and making mounds.  The next application will drench any visible mounds.  Please be aware that the ants are still in many of the boxes, and be careful.  They can give a nasty sting.
Mocking bird nest:  A pair of mocking birds have decided that they like Alice's roses as much as we do, and have built their nest amongst them.  The roses are beautiful but mocking birds can be quite protective of their territory, so please be careful not to disturb them.  Thanks!
Food Bank donations:  Just wonderful!  They are much appreciated.  Thanks to Jean-Marie for managing these, and to the gardeners who help her.
The gardens are looking beautiful!
(WCG Garden Rentals & Membership)


4/29/18 - 

Good Morning, WCG Gardeners -

Our Next Community Garden coffee chat will be next Saturday, May 5th, at 9:30 a.m., at the Community Gardens.  We will discuss Summer Gardening - Pest & Disease Control and Harvesting & Storage.  It will last an hour to an hour and a half.
We hope you can be there - you'll be glad you came!  Please RSVP by the end of Thursday so that we can provide enough handouts and coffee.  You are welcome to bring food items to share, but this is not a requirement!
We have a couple of benches and can provide a couple of chairs, but if you prefer to sit you might like to bring your own chair.
Looking forward to a great discussion of these important topics.  Hope to see you there!
Holly & Averil



Happy spring, fellow gardeners!

Thanks to Jean-Marie for the update on the food bank boxes and the Marigold Festival.  We want our upcoming work morning on Saturday, April 28, to be a fun one!  Beginning at 8:00 a.m. (it's fine to come later), we'll make things to carry in the Marigold Parade on May 12th--if we'll have enough participants.  We need gardeners and friends to let us know if you, and your children/grandchildren, can join us in the parade.  At 10:00, we'll have refreshments and a presentation on butterfly gardens from a UGA researcher.  We'd love to have as many gardeners as possible attend so we can get to know each other better, and we're always open to hearing your thoughts and ideas for the garden.

Ant Wars update:  So far it has been either too cold or too wet (or both!) to apply the garden-wide treatments, but we hope to get this done soon.  We need temperatures over 60 degrees followed by a few dry days.  In the meantime, there is some diatomaceous earth in the tool shed that you can sprinkle over the soil; or you can use a mixture of equal parts flour, sugar, and boric acid and sprinkle that around.  We realize the whole garden must be treated so the ants won't just relocate to other beds, so let's hope the weather will cooperate!

If all of the boxes don't get rented out this season, we will plant some for collective harvest by garden members only.  They will be marked at a future date.  It will be okay to pick from those beds as the produce is ready.  One bed may be a flower garden with zinnias for cutting.
It's time to plant!  The soil's not quite warm enough for heat-lovers like tomatoes, peppers, and okra, but many other seeds can be put in now, and it won't be long before the others can go in, too. UGA's Cooperative Extension Service has a great planting chart at
Someone recently expressed concern about the use of treated wood in garden beds.  For some time now, wood has been treated without the toxic chemicals (like arsenic) that had been used in the past, and it is safe.  You can find more info here:  We have also tested the water and compost used in the garden and gotten good results on those.
Recently an artificial owl showed up on the fence at the garden, but no one seems to know where it came from.  Because we don't want it chasing away the birds, it has been moved.  Please check with the committee before adding things to the garden or altering it.
Can we have a garden update without a reference to weeds?  Well, that will depend!  Let's all keep our beds and surrounding areas weeded so they won't get out of hand like last year, and see if we can't keep these updates weed-free, too!  =)
Thanks, and we hope to see you on April 28th!
The garden steering committee



Hello my fellow gardeners!
My name is Jean-Marie and I am new to the WCG committee this year. I have an update and 2 invitations for you!
First-did you know we have 4 dedicated boxes now growing food for the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank? It's true--and more are in the works! This morning we harvested our first 5lbs of turnip, collard, and mustard greens, chives and kale! The food bank was very appreciative because they often don't have much fresh food to distribute. 
We'll bring food from the 4 boxes there once a week on Mondays throughout the spring and summer. You are invited to contribute any produce you like, too! Starting in May there will be a Sunday donation box under the white board at the front gate. Food will be collected Monday morning, so please leave food in the donation box for no more than 24 hours.
You are also invited to help plant and maintain the boxes during our community work mornings! Your help is greatly appreciated!
Second topic-the Marigold Festival! The WCG will participate in both the parade and craft show this year! Are you a crafter or seed starter? Please join us at the WCG booth at the Marigold Festival on May 12th. We have a booth to promote and raise money for the garden. You can set up your crafts in WCG booth with no upfront cost and table/tent provided with a 50/50 split between the crafter/garden. Stay as little or as long as you like! So far we are selling bath and body items, stained and fused glass & starter plants. The more the merrier! Please contact me directly if you would like to participate so we can arrange the booth space ahead of the festival!
Thanks everyone--happy gardening!
Jean-Marie Buxton (

3.24.18 -

Good Morning, WCG gardeners!  

Wonderful workday yesterday!  Thank you to everyone who came - a great turnout!  And a big thank you to the Hilsman students who joined us and worked so hard.  Together we achieved a lot and the gardens are looking clean and tidy - and beautiful.  
Another thank you - to all the gardeners - for keeping tools, wheelbarrows, and watering cans where they belong.  It makes a big difference to the appearance of the gardens.
Irrigation:  The length of time for each watering cycle has been decreased for now.  At the moment we have no automatic mechanism for turning off the system when it rains, and several of the boxes are clearly getting over-watered resulting in wet pathways.   We'll monitor it carefully, and adjust as necessary.  
Vacant boxes:  We still have 8 vacant boxes, and we can now open up these to gardeners who would like a third box.  If you would like another box let me know.
Weeds growing in garden beds:  A few boxes have a lush growth of .... weeds!   So just a reminder - Even if you do not grow winter veg., it is still your responsibility to keep your boxes free of weeds.  With so much help yesterday, we did clean out some neglected boxes, but if yours was one of these, you got lucky!  Beds like those definitely detract from the view and this will not be a normal occurrence!  We are getting help with our weed problem, but this doesn't include cleaning out boxes.  Please read your garden guidelines. Thanks!
The Shed:  Don't forget to look inside the shed when you come to the gardens, even if you bring your own tools.  We are building up a good little reference library, there are seeds and coupons for the taking, and we will soon have a notice board showing current events that might interest you.  And check out our bulletin board for information, too.
Hope to see you at the gardens soon!
(for the WCG Committee)


3/20/18 -

Good Morning WCG Gardeners!  A few reminders:

Workday:  This coming Saturday, March 24th.  Start time 9:30 a.m.  Note the later start time -because there will be a cycling event leaving Winterville at 9 am, and it would be better to avoid that traffic.  There’s lots to do – remembering this is a general maintenance work party, not time to work on your individual beds!  Potluck breakfast/brunch – bring something to share if you can.  Coffee will be provided.

Ant treatment:  Has been delayed because we need a combination of warm and dry weather for a few days.  Hasn’t happened!   Hopefully after tonight.  Supposed to get down to 32 deg. tonight.

Parking at the gardens:  Please DO NOT park in the area between the workshop/fire truck building and the gardens.  We’ll have signs up there soon.  Tom pointed out that if the firetrucks have to leave, they have to leave, and they won’t have time to look around for the owners of parked cars!  Also, the Works Dept. use very large trailers, and sometimes when they’re backing them, they can’t be super accurate!

For your calendar:  Athens Home & Garden Show will take place in Winterville this year!!  April 14th – all day.  During the H&G Show the Tree Commission will hold our own Tree Tour – 2-4 pm. (more about this soon).  All events at Pittard Park.

Stay warm!  Hope to see you on Saturday.


(for the WCG Committee)


3-12-18 - 

Good Afternoon WCG Gardeners  - 

This is to let you know that we will begin fire-ant treatment over the whole area of the Community Garden tomorrow.   We are using a recommended organic 2-step method, which will not affect your garden plants and is very safe.  If you would like to know more details please read the information below.

Fire ants:  As you will have read in one of our recent emails, we have a major fire-ant invasion at the gardens.  There are fire ants in almost every garden box, and around the periphery of the whole area.  They are much more aggressive than other ants, as you will have discovered if you have ever prodded a mound (not recommended!), and they have a very painful sting, which can cause severe allergic reactions in susceptible people, and explains their name.  They feed mostly on young plants and seeds.

Fire ant treatment:  This week we are treating the whole garden to reduce this problem, and eventually, with follow-up treatments, to eliminate it completely.

The usual method of treatment is a 2-step procedure.  First, a granular bait (which the fire ants take down to their nests) is applied to the entire area, and a few days later a drench is used on any remaining visible mounds. 

Because we are an organic garden, and it is especially important to use a product safe for edible plants, we are using an organic method.  The bait we will be using is Spinosad, which is certified by OMRI (Organics Materials Review Institute).  Spinosad is not particularly new, having been granted organic status by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) in 2003. The drench will be limonene or another OMRI certified substance.

Some of you have already used diatomaceous earth, which works for ant trails and small mounds by drying out the outer surface of the ants, and has probably had some effect, but it is not very effective on large mounds.  Previous use of this won’t affect the Spinosad treatment.




SUMMER GARDENING: A garden discussion over coffee
When: Saturday, March 10th, 9:30am-11am
Location: We will meet at the community garden
~Please join fellow gardeners for a discussion on preparations for a successful summer garden.
We will cover: when to plant, soil preparation, late frost protection, amendments, staking/ trellising, and much more.

RSVP by Thursday March 8th if you want to attend to Holly at
Cancelled if raining.  

More questions: Holly Campbell,

(PLEASE NOTE:  Holly needs to know numbers so she can prepare enough  handouts etc.  So please do RSVP.)



Dear gardeners, 
After Monday's meeting, we realized there are ants in most of the raised beds. I'm sorry we didn't know then so we could discuss it with everyone at that meeting.  At the work gathering this morning (thanks to everyone who helped!), we agreed to enlist some aid in applying organic pesticides (limonene and another one I don't remember).  Some folks went ahead and applied diatomaceous earth in some places, so if you see white powder, that is what it is.  Sally donated some diatomaceous earth and it is in the shed.  An equal-parts mixture of sugar, flour, and boric acid is also good for getting rid of ants.  So if you want to go ahead and use an organic treatment on your individual bed(s), that would help speed the process.
We're also continuing conversations on the best way to deal with weed issues, and input on that is always welcome.  Some extra soil will be added to the pollinator garden on the southwest corner.  Averil is helping coordinate the plantings in that.
Thanks, and best wishes for a bountiful gardening year!
Brenda (Keen)

WCG committee chair


Hi folks,

If you’re planning to attend the upcoming garden-wide meeting and you haven’t already RSVPed, please email no later than noonon Friday, Feb. 16.  We want to have plenty of food!

The menu for the evening (provided by garden funds and donations from the steering committee) will include lasagna (meat and veggie), salad, rolls, and dessert.  You can bring a dish if you’d like, but it’s not necessary.

Below and attached are an agenda for the meeting.  Remember you are not guaranteed a garden bed until your signed membership form is turned in and your payment processed.  You can bring those to the meeting if you’d like.  Forms, the rules you agree to, and a handy planting schedule are available at  Payment must be cash or check.


Winterville Community Garden Committee Open Meeting

Monday, February 19, 2018 in the Depot

Meal starts at 6:00 p.m.; meeting starts at 6:30.

Welcome and Introduction of Committee Members (Brenda)

Q&A on garden rules and expectations for participation (what gardeners should give and get)

Plans for 2018 (Volunteers are welcome and don’t have to have a garden bed.)

            Update on available beds (Averil)

            Work days

            Pollinator Garden

            Food Bank donations

            Gardening classes (Holly)


            Shed – tools and books

            Seeds  – sharing and swapping


    Arbor Day Celebration —Tuesday, February 20th, 1-3pm @ the Depot

    Community Input on Winterville Comprehensive Plan— Tuesday, February 20th, 6:30 pm @ the Depot

The Winterville Community Garden Steering Committee: 

Averil Bonsall, Jean-Marie Buxton, Holly Campbell, Sally Elie, Brenda Keen (chair), Nita Matthews-Morgan, Teresa Mills, Linda Russell, Bill Turner, Laurie Wilder


Good Afternoon, WCG Gardeners 

Please join us on Monday, February 19, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. for our next WCG General Meeting.  The meeting will be held at the City Depot and is open to all our gardeners and anyone who is interested in gardening with us.  We'll serve a meal at the beginning and move onto our plans for the year.  If you have suggestions or questions, now would be the time to voice them.
Please RSVP so that we have an idea of how much food we need to provide.  Thanks.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Averil (for the WCG Committee)



Happy New Year, WCG Gardeners!

It’s been a while since we’ve had good gardening weather, but it will be here again soon, and probably sooner than we expect.  So here is some information for you, and some dates for your calendar.  Time to start planning!

Saturday, January 27th, starting at 10:00 a.m. – First workday of the year.  This will be an excellent time to clean out the garden boxes and prepare for early Spring planting.

Monday, February 19th, 6-7 p.m. –  First general WCG meeting for all current gardeners and anyone who is interested in joining us for the upcoming year.  Details will be sent out later.

March 1st – Beginning of new WCG gardening year (March 1 – February 28).  There are some vacant boxes, and they will be assigned to new gardeners on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please note:

  • ALL gardeners must include a signed registration form with their payment.  Fees will not be deposited and boxes will not be available until this form is received.   The Registration Form and the WCG Rules and Guidelines are attached.  Please return the registration form and fee to City Hall (where blank forms will also be available).  For returning gardeners these are due on February 28th – but earlier would be helpful!)
  • The rental fee for the year is $40.00.  The increase is to cover hiring someone periodically throughout the year to tackle the weeds between boxes.  This will not release you from your weeding obligation, but should make it a very quick and easy job for you to keep these areas clean!
  • If you have decided that you will not be gardening with us this year – and we hope you have not! – please reply to this email to let us know – and please remember to clean out your box in time for a new gardener to get a timely start.  The January 27th work day would be a good time to do this – and you might even get some help!  A final clean-up is part of your WCG agreement.

A Vegetable Garden Planting Chart is attached.  It will help you with the best dates for planting your favorite vegetables.

We hope to see many (all??) of you at the January 27th workday.  We have some great plans for the year.

Enjoy your garden planning!

Averil (for the WCG Committee)

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