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Firefly Trail Local Action Committee

Local supporters of the Firefly Trail are encouraged to volunteer in organizing a Winterville Local Action Committee (LAC).  The role of the LAC is to advocate for and enhance popular support of the trail supporting local officials in its maintenance, development as a public resource, and encouraging local use of the trail.  Eventually the Winterville LAC will coordinate with various LACs all along the 39-mile trail corridor.  Interested individuals will find an application here at the City's website which should be submitted to City Hall for consideration by Mayor and Council.

Apply to be on the Firefly Trail Local Action Committee


Coronavirus Update - March 29th

We just completed another update with our two local hospitals and other healthcare providers in the area. Based on this call, we want to provide the community with several updates.

The most important is this - our healthcare providers in the Athens area are prepared. We all know the number of cases is going to increase, and we may see a surge - but the hospitals and our other providers are ready.

Testing capacity and response time for results continue to move in the right direction. One of the most significant challenges in addition to limited testing is waiting times for results. Fortunately, we anticipate much quicker testing results over the next several days - which will also significantly help with PPE supplies.

The Georgia National Guard has deployed medical officers to the Athens area to provide additional support, as well, and we thank them for their continued service to our state and community.

Many have reached out about providing support to those on the frontlines - whether it's food or supplies. For Piedmont Athens Regional, please contact Libby Hayes at, and for St. Mary's, please contact Ansley Martin at We're also seeing a continued need for blood donations. Please consider visiting and donating blood.

Congressman Jody Hice also joined us and provided an update on the federal level. His office stands ready to assist our hospitals in securing necessary funding and working with others requesting funding as part of the recent federal relief package.

Finally, as always, we are all here to assist in any way possible. We know these are extremely challenging times, but we're confident we will emerge from this battle successful and even stronger as a community. We're incredibly grateful for those on the frontlines - let's all continue to lift up our healthcare workers as they lead this fight.

Mayor Kelly Girtz
Mayor Dodd Ferrelle
Chairman John Daniell
Senator Bill Cowsert
Senator Frank Ginn
Representative Spencer Frye
Representative Houston Gaines
Representative Marcus Widower

Coronavirus Update - March 22nd

While the City of Winterville fully supports the Athens Clarke County Mandatory Shelter in Place Ordinance, we have not adopted the ordinance within the city limits due to the differing circumstances possessed by our respective municipalities. That being said, this is another critical week and we strongly recommend that you do SHELTER IN PLACE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. FOR THIS REASON, CITY HALL WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY AND TUESDAY AS WE MONITOR THE SITUATION.

The City of Winterville is and will continue to fulfill its legal duty to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community and we encourage you all to follow the CDC guidelines. Please practice social distancing, take steps to protect yourself, your family and your friends from this virus. By doing this we can do our part to minimize the long term impact of this pandemic.

Thank you all and please stay safe.

Mayor Dodd I. Ferrelle
Mary Quinn - Mayor Pro Tem / Winterville City Council
Gary Snow - Winterville City Council
Brenda Keen - Winterville City Council
Amanda Mooney - Winterville City Council
Wendy Bond - City Clerk

Coronavirus Update - 3/21/20

We just finished a call with several local healthcare providers, including both hospitals' CEOs and chief medical officers, and based on this call, wanted to provide a brief update on where we are in the area.
The most significant update is a new testing option set up by the Department of Public Health. This option is focused on patients with moderate symptoms. In order to set up an appointment for testing, please call 706-340-0996. Piedmont continues to have its drive thru testing site as well, and patients can call 866-460-1119 to be screened and set up an appointment. For St. Mary's, please call 706-389-3000. These options are by appointment only - no drop ins accepted.

Overall, the numbers in the area are being managed. To date, from the last DPH published positive cases at noon, we remain at 10 in Clarke, 1 in Oconee & 1 in Barrow. Results are taking several days to return and testing remains limited, so again, we anticipate larger numbers in the community and will continue to see an uptick as more testing occurs and results are returned. Those who test positive or believe they have symptoms must follow the CDC's self quarantine guidelines even if symptoms are minimal.
Both hospitals are also implementing a limited visitor policy and are screening all entrants. Again, if you show any symptoms, please call - do not just show up. Many elective surgeries and procedures are being pushed back, as well.

One of the most important things we can do as a community is support our healthcare workers - please keep those on the front lines in your thoughts and prayers. We are fortunate to have great healthcare workers throughout this area. This is a taxing time for them, and our community's continued support will help us defeat this virus.

As we continue to move through the fight against COVID-19, all of us stand ready to assist. Please reach out anytime, and we will certainly continue to keep you updated.

Mayor Kelly Girtz
Mayor Dodd Ferrelle
Chairman John Daniell
Senator Bill Cowsert
Senator Frank Ginn
Representative Spencer Frye
Representative Houston Gaines
Representative Marcus Wiedower 

Coronavirus Update - 3/17/20

Dear Wintervillians,

After a conference call this morning with the District Health Director and the local CoVID-19 Policy Group I can confirm that 2 people in Athens-Clarke County have tested positive for the Corona Virus.

The two cases are not linked and neither patient had traveled in or out of the country or state so it is believed they contracted the virus through community transmission. These 2 individuals are not high risk and are improving, but more cases are expected so please continue to follow procedures spelled out in the CDC guidelines for hygiene and social distancing with regard to CoVID-19.

I will continue to update the community and City Hall will be open this week if you have any questions or concerns.


Dodd I. Ferrelle, Mayor

Mayor Dodd I. Ferrelle
City of Winterville
125 North Church Street
Winterville, Georgia 30683

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