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2024 Stormwater Utility Fee Changes

The Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Utility Fee changes begin with the July 2024 bills. During the Tuesday, January 2, 2024, Mayor and Commission meeting the commission voted 9-1 to increase the fee as recommended by ACC Stormwater Advisory Committee. The fee has not been changed since its inception in 2005.


Every one of us contributes to the stormwater system based on impermeable surfaces such as driveways, rooftops, patios and parking lots. Fee dollars build funding for significant investments in stormwater pipes, drains and culverts that improve resiliency of Athens-Clarke County roads. The roads we all depend on in some way, each day and night, rain or shine. We all receive the benefits of Athens-Clarke County’s (ACC) Stormwater utility.

The stormwater utility ensures that every property owner pays their fair share for the safe management of stormwater and sound protection of water quality in Athens. The increased fee allows for a dedicated source of funding that reflects current infrastructure and economic conditions for public stormwater capital costs (primarily the stormwater pipes underground).


Additional details, including rate change breakdown and FAQs will be available closer to the rate structure change date.

Stormwater Management Program

By now, you're probably familiar with the Stormwater Management Program of Athens-Clarke county. But in case you aren't, here's a brief rundown of what stormwater is and what the division dedicated to it does for us:

You know all that water that runs off roofs, the streets, or even your driveway? Well, that water can bring pollutants with it. Whether it's oil, cleaning products, or other stuff, it ends up going into storm drains -- From there, it ends up in our waterways!


The folks over at Stormwater Management, with the help of our Stormwater Utility bill payments, dedicate their efforts to ensuring that issues like flooding, pollution, erosion, and more are addressed head-on. Here's a few ways they do this:

  • Taking readings of the water in our waterways

  • Illicit discharge detection and elimination

  • Cleaning of storm drains, curbs, and problem/accumulation areas

  • Providing Stormwater education programs

  • Conducting flood reduction projects

  • ...and much more

Per a new requirement by the Georgia EPD (Environmental Protection Division), we are making Winterville's most current approved Stormwater Management Plan available for download.


Click on the button below to view/download it to your computer!

By the way...

2024 Stormwater Calendars are hot off the press and ready to hang in your home or office! These wall calendars are full of beautiful photos of natural history in Athens-Clarke County. Copies are free and available on a first-come, first served basis.  Stop by Winterville City Hall to pick one up (while supplies last) or request one be mailed to you at



And if you need to report any water pollution concerns, check out the stormwater hotline at the following link:

Got more Stormwater questions?

Feel free to give the Stormwater Management team a call or browse their website.

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