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Winterville Cemetery

The peaceful Winterville Cemetery is located on Parkview Rd., approximately on half mile west of Church Street. For additional questions not addressed below, please contact City Hall (706) 742-8600.


How much are the lots?

Lots are $2,500 each. Each lot holds two burials (caskets) or 2 cremation remains per grave (or 6 per lot).

Do you offer payment plans for lots?

No, must be cash or check due upon purchase.

Can I sell my lot?

Lots may only be sold back to the Cemetery Association for the price for which the lot was purchased at the time of the original purchase. Paperwork must follow the proper channels and be recorded with the City and the sale must be approved by the Cemetery Committee.

Are vaults required?


Can I put a fence or granite coping around my lot?

No, iron fences hedges, wooden structures, wire arbors, curbing around graves of wood or iron and boards designating graves, of any shape whatsoever, are strictly prohibited in all parts of the grounds. No enclosures of any kind are allowed. No enclosures of any kind are allowed on lots. Corner stone posts are used, which are made flush with the sod.

Can I put lights or other decorations up around the grave?

No, nothing shall be allowed on cemetery lots except grave markers, with the exception of floral arrangements which must be removed within 3 months or will be taken up by the caretaker.

Can I scatter my loved ones' ashes?

No, the scattering of ashes is not permitted.

What happens to the funeral flowers?

Families are responsible for removing funeral flowers within one week of burial.

How many veterans are buried in this cemetary?

There are approximately 102 veteran graves in Winterville including the 4 Confederate graves at the Methodist Church and Hiram Howard on Suddeth Street.

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