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Winterville Arts Council

The WAC is made up of area residents who are artists, writers, and supporters of the arts. Its mission is to support local artists and to promote the unique character of Winterville through engagement with the arts.


Current activities include:

  • Curating quarterly art exhibits at the Winterville Community Center (WCC)

  • Hosting readings by local poets and writers

  • Sponsoring and creating public art installations

  • Pursuing grants and raising money to fund the ongoing renovation of the Marigold Auditorium for Arts and Culture (MAAC) and future restoration of the second floor of the WCC

  • Writing and publishing the Winterville Gazette

  • Assisting with the Winterville Marigold Festival

  • Maintaining a database of local artists and writers

If you are interested in supporting creativity in our public schools, government, and businesses, and interesting in shaping the future of Winterville as a center for the arts, please visit our website for more information:

Winterville Arts Council.jpeg
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