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Winterville Heritage Foundation

The Winterville Heritage Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization devoted to preserving the rich history and heritage of Winterville. Our members help raise awareness of Winterville's historic public buildings and provide both advisory and financial support to ensure their continued preservation and use.

Among the structures included under the Foundation's oversight are the city's:

  • 1874 Doctors Office (now the Carter-Coile Country Doctors Museum)

  • circa 1840 Blacksmith Shop (slated for rehabilitation and adaptive reuse starting in 2023)

  • 1890 Georgia Railroad Depot (now a community event center and downtown landmark)

  • 1912 Pittard Bank Building (now the offices of the Marigold Collective)

  • 1918 High School and 1953 Auditorium complex (together now known as the Marigold Auditorium for Arts and Culture)

  • 1940 Grammar School and 1942 Vocational Building (now the administrative offices of Northeast Georgia RESA)


Winterville is in the process of creating a local History Museum and Heritage Room, and we gladly accept any documents or pictures related to Winterville’s history that could be added to this collection. We appreciate any contributions to these preservation efforts. Donations are tax deductible.

For questions or donations please contact us at

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