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Agenda for December 12, 2023 City Council Meeting

City Council Tentative Agenda

City of Winterville

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

6:00 pm

Regular Meeting

A. Call to order – Mayor Ferrelle

B. Pledge

C. Approval of Minutes – November 14, 2023

D. Unfinished Business

E. New Business

1. WPD Officer Recognition…

2. Adventure Bags Presentation

3. Playground Project (Discuss for possible Vote)

4. Court Security System Zopro 6 (VOTE Using General Fund)

5. Cultural Center Additional $75K (VOTE using General Fund/SPLOST and ARPA) $75K to

be reimbursed by GCA for the Elevator in 2024

6. Pickle Ball Proposal (possible VOTE)

F. Committee Reports:

1. Public Finance – Councilperson Johnson

2. Public Safety – Councilperson Mooney

3. Public Works – Councilpersons Johnson & Metzger

4. Communications – Councilpersons Mooney & Metzger

G. Community Center – Jack Eisenman

H. Dr. Museum Report – Jonathan Scott

I. Marigold Market & Food Hub – Sarah Hovater

J. Library Report – Deirdre Murray

K. Clerk’s Report – Wendy Bond

L. City Attorney’s Report – David Ellison

M. Mayor’s Report – Dodd Ferrelle

N. Public Comments

O. Announcements

P. Adjournment


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