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Agenda for August 9, 2022 City Council Meeting

Council Agenda

City of Winterville

City Hall - 125 N Church Street -Winterville, GA 30683

Tuesday August 9, 2022 The link to view the meeting will follow when created visit the Winterville Facebook page or Winterville YouTube Channel and Subscribe.

A. Call to order – Mayor Ferrelle

B. Pledge

C. Approval of Minutes – July 12, 2022

D. Unfinished Business:

2021 Budget Amendment

E. New Business

1. Reproductive Privacy Resolution: Public Comment

2. Reproductive Privacy Resolution (Vote)

3. Auditorium Project: Floor, Ceiling and Refurbishing of Chairs (Vote to approve using SPLOST 2020 Funds)

4. Marigold Train (Discuss for possible Vote)

5. Mask Mandate (Vote)

6. Winterville Wellness Project (Vote to approve using ARPA funds)

F. Committee Reports:

1. Public Finance – Councilpersons Mooney & Johnson

2. Public Safety – Councilpersons Mooney & Johnson

3. Public Works – Councilpersons Johnson & Metzger

4. Communication – Metzger & Mooney

G. Winterville Campus – David Matthews-Morgan

H. Dr. Museum Report – Jonathan Scott

I. Marigold Market Report – Sherrie Anderson

J. Library Report – Deirdre Murray

K. Clerk’s Report – Wendy Bond

L. City Attorney’s Report – David Ellison

M. Mayor’s Report – Dodd Ferrelle

N. Public Comments

O. Announcements

P. Executive Session

Q. Adjournment


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