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Agenda for January 10, 2023 City Council Meeting

City Council Tentative Agenda

City of Winterville

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

6:00 pm

A. Call to order – Mayor Ferrelle

B. Pledge

C. Approval of Minutes – December 13, 2022

D. Unfinished Business

WVFD 2023 Officers

E. New Business

1. Mental Health Awareness Presentation (Katie McFarland from Advantage Behavioral and Shannon


2. Civic Calendar (VOTE)

3. Mayor Pro-Tempore (VOTE)

4. Committee Assignments (VOTE)

5. Planning and Zoning Seat (VOTE)

6. Fire Truck Sale/Amended Figures (VOTE)

7. Community Center Renovation/Power Bids/Floor Bid (VOTE)

8. Council Member/Mayor/Mayor Pro-Tempore/P&Z Pay beginning 2024 (VOTE)

9. Public Hearing set for February: York Rezone Request

F. Committee Reports:

1. Public Finance – Councilpersons Pierce-Tomlin & Johnson

2. Public Safety – Councilpersons Mooney & Pierce-Tomlin

3. Public Works – Councilpersons Johnson & Metzger

4. Communications – Councilpersons Mooney & Metzger

G. Community Center – Jack Eisenman

H. Dr. Museum Report – Jonathan Scott

I. Marigold Market – Sherrie Anderson

J. Library Report – Deirdre Murray

K. Clerk’s Report – Wendy Bond

L. City Attorney’s Report – David Ellison

M. Mayor’s Report – Dodd Ferrelle

N. Public Comments

O. Announcements

P. Adjournment


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