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Agenda for January 2, 2024 City Council Meeting

1. TSPLOST Stormwater Project Presentation on Jan 2 workshop: Derek Doster

2. Playground Update: Josh Koons

3. Civic Calendar (Discuss)

4. Committee Assignments (Discuss)

5. Mayor Pro Tempore (Discuss)

6. WPD Chief Search (Update/Discuss/Timeline)

7. WVFD Officers

8. Pickle Ball Proposal (Discuss)

9. Library Funding increase requested by ACC (Discuss)

10. Code Meeting with P & Z (Scheduled)

11. NEGRC Retreat (Scheduled)

12. L.O.S.T. Options for 2027 (discuss funding a study January 2024)

13. Citizen Committee Updates (TSPLOST CAC, Friends of the FFT)

14. NEGRC Update (Retreat)

15. Citizen Requests for the Agenda: Bike Rentals/Traffic Mirrors/Light Pole Decorations

16. City Council Issues/Concerns for Agenda


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