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Agenda for January 3, 2023 City Council Workshop

City Council Workshop Tentative Agenda

City of Winterville

Tuesday, January 3, 2023 6:00 pm

Winterville City Hall - 125 N Church Street

1. Civic Calendar (Discuss July)

2. Mayor Pro-Tempore (Discuss)

3. Committee Assignments (Discuss)

4. Planning and Zoning Position (Discuss)

5. WVFD 2023 Officers (Tabled/Discuss)

6. Amend Fire Truck Sale Figures

7. 2022 Budget Amendment

8. Mask Mandate (Discuss)

9. Community Center: Upstairs Renovation/Elevator Grant Bids (Discuss)

10. B and B Ordinance and Taxes (Discuss)

11. Set Council Member/Mayor/Mayor Pro-Tempore/P&Z Pay to begin 2024

12. Mental Health Awareness Presentations next week from Katie McFarland

with Advantage Behavioral and Shannon Millan

13. Citizen Committee Updates (TSPLOST CAC, FFT Local Action Committee)

14. NEGRC Update (Comprehensive Plan, Blacksmith Shop)

15. Citizen Requests for the Agenda

16. City Council Issues/Concerns for Agenda: Retreat


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